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The 'Good Horse Guide'...

Have you just purchased you first Horse or Pony?


or... Have you just had a long break and wanting to get back into Horses?

or... Maybe you just generally want a new program or guide for your existing Horse or Pony to get you motivated and achieve your goals?

or... Really want to get into Horses but feel you lack knowledge about the day to day care and daunting lists of equipment you need?

If so,'The Good Horse Guide' could help you to achieve what you want. A Tailored guide for you and your horses needs will be given including feed and nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Advice on rugs and other training equipment can be given, helping with sizing etc.

General advice and practical sessions can be given to help you with the basic day to day running of your horse.

This will ensure a well balanced program to help you get the best start, middle and end with your horse!

Suitable Yard
Can help find a suitable yard to meet you and your horses requirements whether it’s Full, Part or DIY livery. Will make sure horse settles into his new surroundings.

All the gear?
Making sure your new horse tack fits comfortably and correctly is very important. Ill fitting tack has a major impact to horses behaviour! Making sure your horse is happy and comfortable with the correct equipment is a must. I can help you with types of tack suitable for your horse and your horses needs to ensure it fits correctly. All rugs, boots etc...... his whole wardrobe.

Feed and Nutrition
Horses well being starts from the inside out. Ensure that he is on the correct food for his needs to keep him a healthy, happy and level headed horse.

Exercise / Training plan
Taylor made exercise plan to suit you and your horse. Can also exercise or school your horse for you if required....

Help with getting the right insurance and understanding the jargon!

I have many contacts for tried and tested farriers, saddle fitters etc.