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Ground work...

Essential for a horses training ground work is the main building blocks for strong foundations to create trust and a mutual respect unlocking your horse.

Using pressure and release to communicate with the horse teaching them to yield and move away from pressure ultimately gaining control of your horses feet which creates leadership.

Using join-up or rope circling creates a conversation resulting in a softer willing horse in body and mind.

Once the horse is listening to you other areas can start to be addressed such as manners from the ground or confidence building exercises. Having control of your horse gives you confidence and makes a happy horse as a weight off his shoulders that someone is looking out for him so he can start to relax whether he is bolshy or nervous.

Ground work is also a great way to encourage play and motivate your horse to enjoy his work with you also creating a strong bond. Very good for reading a horse psychologically as certain behaviours are often shown during this process giving an idea of what and how to continue with the horses training.


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