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It is very frustrating when you have a horse that won’t load. Many horses are not happy to load into a lorry or trailer as it can be very daunting for them if they have not had the time taken to train the horse into accepting this un-natural but necessary thing to do!

Testimonial Bubble for Ros on loading page Testimonial link to ros with Nelly Groundwork is initially used to establish control of the horse’s feet so he is moveable around the trailer and respects space so not to get trampled over. Confidence building exercises are then carried out such as walking over different surfaces and squeezing through smaller gaps all in preparation for loading.

Once full control of the horse is established and exercises are being accepted calmly not tolerated, then we can start to look at loading the horse. Pressure and release with correct timing are used to help the horse load positively. Once horse is loading repetition is used until happy to load. Once I have got your horse loading happily it is very important that I take the time with you to show and help you to load your own horse correctly and safely.


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