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Long Lining...

Long lining is suitable for any type of horse / pony and very beneficial not just used for backing youngsters. Once the horse understands the basic groundwork of moving in all directions from a light ask we move onto long lining. This is the next question for him to hold his own from a distance. This will test his true understanding and also gives him the space he needs to take responsibility for himself physically and mentally.

It’s a great way of creating a light responsive horse with self carriage. It is a progressive step towards the ridden communication enabling the horse to understand the aids without the added strain of the rider.

Long lining can also show signs of how the horse will go under saddle and gives you the opportunity to iron out any potential problems before riding. It is a very versatile technique to have whether it’s to help with a small child’s pony or start introducing a horse to jumping confidently.


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