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About me...

Easy Equus mission is to help horse and owner work together in harmony creating enjoyment and a strong partnership together...

I have always had a love for horses from a very young age. I started riding from the age of 10 not being able to have my own pony i used to ride other peoples. This was a great experience as i was able to ride many different types of horses and ponies of many different ages, size and breeds and many of them had different quirks!

Eventually owning my first horse at the age of 19 a fizzy TB mare that spent most of her time going sideways initially but we built an amazing bond and trust and soon settled and would do anything for me.

My second horse was the reason i got into natural horsemanship after being unable to load him. After lots of research studying many books on natural horsemanship it all started to make sense to me understanding horse psychology and using pressure and release methods I had him loading in no time. After this I never looked back and booked myself onto all the Intelligent Horsemanship courses in January 2008 and passed my exams in November 2008 achieving The Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate.

My third horse was a yearling Trakehner that I bought as a project. He was a lovely bold, confident young man and he taught me a lot. He went to his new home at the age of 5 as an established riding horse.

I have had many special horses to train and ride since and they have taught me so much. My current horse is a KWPN and we compete most weekends at BSJA and dressage.

I have continued learning and reading different ways of training as I believe that each horse is individual and what may work for one may not always work for another.

I have been on Richard Maxwell ridden courses which included lateral work from the ground which has helped with taking the ground work that stage further and being able to apply the techniques into the saddle.

Also attending Perry Wood ridden weekend clinic which was a real eye opener using a combination of natural horsemanship and classical riding to get you and your horse working in harmony.

I am also in the process of achieving my BHS stages. I enjoy learning as much as possible as I am very passionate about horses and find it so rewarding being able to help people with their horses. Test