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I am available to attend yards for one to one sessions or group clinics. Also taking horses in for training.

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Finding your perfect partner
Read more about the horse finding services here.

Ground Work
This is very important to lay down the strong foundations for your horses training. This can be used on all ages of horses and ponies. Using leading, rope circling and pole work to establish leadership for your horse.

Using equipment from the ground to de-spook your horse / pony for a safer ride.

Having problems loading your horse / pony?

Horses that don’t want to be caught becomes very time consuming and annoying game for the owner, we can help avoid this and give you the tools to ensure your horse is always willing to be caught?

Long Lining
Great for training all the aids of a rider from the ground without the added weight of a rider which will help your horse develop his balance and muscle working correctly in his body ready for the rider. Not only used on young horses great for any horse for a light and responsive horse and to build your relationship having control of speed and direction. Great confidence building technique for horse and owner.

Selling your Horse
I am available for training and selling your horse on your behalf, either taking your horse in or I can work from your yard if preferred.

First time Horse/Pony owner advice
Advice for first time horse/pony owners, getting you and your horse started on the right track with confidence.

Bolshy, barging, biting, pulling on lead rope, foot handling, won’t stand still? Ground work exercises to help overcome these problems.

Backing youngster for first time using natural horsemanship techniques to ensure the best possible start in life.

I am happy to exercise your horse whether he has a behaviour problem maybe dead off the leg or just general hacking or schooling needed.

I am available to clip your horse for you if required whether it is a bib or full clip i am happy to help.

Holiday Cover
Need a holiday? No one to look after your horses?

Having problems with your horse / pony napping?

Handling the 'Untouched'
Do you have Horses and Ponies that have no or little handling?

Tailor made
Is there something that you have a problem with or would just like some help with this could be:
- Mounting issues?
- Leading?
- Clipping phobia?
- Foot handling?
- Rearing?
- Difficult to bridle?


Call me for you individual needs.