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Some examples of our customer comments and experiences using the horse finding service, horse training, horse selling service and other Easy Equus services


Horse Testimonial from Bee riding horses"I met Emma when we were struggling with my daughter’s first pony. We really needed some help to understand why Rosie was so unsettled,and to help us build a bond with her that would make her more manageable both on the ground and in the saddle. From the very first session, Emma instilled huge confidence in all of us. She is incredibly knowledgeable, but also very friendly, patient and never patronising. Emma builds a rapport with adults and children alike, and has gone on to help us with our next pony too. Emma genuinely wants to help, and to make you independent of her - as soon as you can manage alone she steps back, yet she’s always available to give advice over the phone at any time. I can’t recommend Emma highly enough, she is absolutely fantastic." Sarah, Lottie and Elizabeth Hutton. Service: First time horse/pony advice


"When looking for my daughters first pony we didn't really have a clue, although we thought we did, we looked at a few which were wrong for one reason or another even had one vetted which turned out to be lame, quite obvious when vet pointed it out to me. So feeling very defeated and losing heart very quickly we were introduced to Emma. It Only took us 3 weeks, after looking at a few "dud" ones, (which also taught me a lot about horses/ponies) to find Monty, who as was described in the advert as a mothers dream pony,is just that. Monty is beautiful in every sense of the word,impeccable ground manners, completely respectful of people and most important looks after you when being ridden, both me and my daughter, especially my daughter were very happy. But after Emma had helped us find Monty she didn't just abandon us she has helped us every step of the way,any problem we have come across from finding the right bit to Monty falling head over heals in love with a mare and becoming a complete nutter for a little while, which Emma soon knocked on the head. My daughter also has lessons with Emma and really enjoys what Emma has to teach and i, as mum, like that Emma will explain what she has done wrong then is full of praise when she gets it right and you can see the passion Emma has for teaching and because of this, and the perfect pony, Sasha's riding has really come on leaps and bounds. I would definitely recommend Emma. Thank you Emma!." Tracey and Sasha Ward. Service: Horse finding service


"Emma worked with our four Dartmoor ponies which had not had much human contact. Our goal was for them to feel comfortable around us, to have a head collar on, pick up their feet and to be led around happily. Emma was excellent with the ponies and was very quiet and confident with them. She spent time with them gradually increasing the boundaries and treated each pony according to their personality. Within no time the ponies were relaxed and happy and we had achieved our goal. It was really nice to work with Emma, she was very approachable, worked around our needs and was happy to discuss or show us what she was working on at the time.In our opinion Emma was a great asset to our team!" Helen Richards. Service: Handling the 'Untouched'


Testimonial Picture for horse finding service - Boomer"I used Emma to find my first horse and I can’t thank her enough. The horse world is full of unscrupulous people who will blatantly lie and sell you a horse that is totally unsuitable or downright dangerous. I had returned to riding after 30 years and a bad fall. I needed a real confidence giver and Emma understood that. She used her experience with horses and people to locate some excellent matches. Her natural horsemanship skills then came into play and she had no hesitation in saying no to horses that I would easily have been fooled by. The end result was ‘Boomer’ an 8 year old 15h piebald Cob who is a real treasure. Absolutely bombproof but very obedient, light to the leg and does not seem to mind when I get it wrong. My confidence has come on leaps and bounds, he loves to jump and I am planning to start jumping lessons soon. Buying the wrong horse is both expensive and emotionally painful. You won’t make a mistake using Emma, I can’t recommend her highly enough!" Karen James. Service: Horse finding service


Horse Testimonial from Bee riding horses"We can't believe we were lucky enough to find Emma... we had no idea what we were doing when we bought Alice's first pony.  We knew nothing.  Emma on the other hand knew exactly what we needed and where to look for that perfect pony.  Emma found Bee who at four and a bit was just a baby but Emma was adamant that she was the one.  We were a bit nervous but took the plunge and now, 7 months on, we have a beautiful Welsh section C and a very happy 11 year old.  Our first show was last weekend - Bee was just 5 and what a head turner.  No-one could believe it was our first show or that she was such a baby.  She did everything asked of her and look magnificent.  Emma not only helped us find Bee but researched local liveries and helped Alice and Grace understand how to behave with a pony.  Emma will do anything for you and your pony to make sure you are both happy - nothing is too much trouble - best of all, she's not afraid to give you her opinion." Yvonne. Service: Horse finding service


Horse testimonial from Liberty riding"Emma has managed to give us our ultimate dream of having a horse. Our lives have changed so much since we have had Bart in our life and it has been amazing. One of our friends told us about Emma when we first started to look for a horse to buy, and we contacted her and told her what we looked for in a horse. She then set out on an adventure to find the perfect horse. We managed to send her some which we researched and got her verdict on them. In the end we ended up buying one of the most trustworthy horse ever! The minute we rode him, it was just magic straight away we knew he was the one. Emma made sure that we understood what we needed to do to make sure he has one amazing life with us, she gave us advice on how to handle and ride him. Emma then gave us some lessons on schooling him, which made us feel more confident in looking after our very first horse. We have now had him for a year and a half and the trust has managed to grow massively. Our little project has managed to get us out and about doing shows and cross country, even managed to go and ride on Hayling Island beach which was a terrific experience. Now we can contact Emma whenever we like, whether it is for advice on something or whether it is just an update on our dashing project." Jodie & Liberty Barrett. Service: Horse finding service


Horse testimonial from Michelle on Horse selling"Emma spent many hours with my horse ‘Puzzle’ who was when I first got her completely unresponsive to the leg.  Emma developed Puzzle using natural horsemanship techniques and in a short space of time, Puzzle was responsive to even the lightest pressure, required no whip, and was enjoying being ridden again.  Puzzle had a problem with swelling legs which had persisted for some time prior to placing her with Emma, however following a number of low cost, yet highly effective techniques, Emma succeeded in completely alleviating Puzzle’s swollen legs and Puzzle was in top form whilst in her care.  I also benefitted as a rider from working with a Emma,  having previously had a horrible accident myself on a former horse my confidence was very low and nerves often got the better of me; Emma was highly influential in developing my confidence both in riding and handling Puzzle.  When I unfortunately had to sell Puzzle due to a change in personal circumstances, Emma was highly proficient in marketing her for sale, and in finding the best new owner for her, as it was really important to me that Puzzle should only be sold to the right kind of owner. I would not hesitate to recommend Emma’s service to anyone interested in being a more complete rider, a better owner, in buying a horse or in the sad circumstances of having to sell their own horse." Michelle Tilley. Service: Horse Training, Selling your horse


Horse testimonial from Teleri and Malcolm for horse finding service"Emma was extremely helpful, honest and knowledgable which was reassuring for buying our first horse and we would strongly recommend that anyone considering buying a horse should use Emma's services. Carys and Puzzle are really happy together." Teleri and Malcom Gulvin. Service: Horse finding service





Testimonial Thumbnail picture of Nelly from Ros"Since moving to the same yard as Emma, she has helped me on many occasions. My daughter had a very 'naughty' pony who refused to load, but Emma got her on the lorry 1st time! Emma also recently took one of my 4 yr olds to sell, as usual she did a great job in turning her into a well balanced, well behaved super mare. I would use Emma again, a real professional, down to earth and approachable with a real understanding of how horses think." Ros Gibbs. Service: Loading, Selling your horse




Testimonial for horse training for Kathy with Kaiser"I have owned my 4 year old Friesian gelding since he was 10 mths old. He had been previously very easy to do in every way, but things changed when I had to move yards due to work commitments. My laid back boy had turned into a real life Mr jelly!! he had become dangerous on the ground let alone to ride. He was frightened of everything. I knew about Emma and her fantastic reputation for being a great horse trainer in my area so I decided to ask her for help. Emma taught my horse to deal with his nerves from the ground in a calm, consistent way which had almost immediate success. My horse learned very quickly and really enjoyed working for Emma. As soon as my horse understood and was responding well, Emma taught me how to interact with my horse using these exercises. Previous trainers had never really shown me how to train my horse too. At first my hands and feet were everywhere, but Emma was so patient and explained everything to me so well. I really enjoyed my sessions with Emma. A year on and I have gained so much from this, I have grown in confidence with my horse, we play together, he will free school over jumps and round obstacles and when ridden he is much lighter and responsive to me. As a horse owner it is your responsibility to be his trainer too and Emma has given me this knowledge to be the best I can and have such a strong bond and respect with my horse. My horse is now able to learn instead of fearing for his life! I would strongly recommend Emma to anyone, even if you just want a stronger bond and understanding with your horse, you will achieve amazing things!" Kathy with Kaiser. Service: Groundwork, Exercising, Loading


Testimonial for horse training on Pinky"Emma help Pinky and I on our groundwork, impulsion and my leadership skills. Great Knowledge, Great enthusiasm and Great teacher. A big improvement in my confidence with handling my horse. I will definitely be recommending to others... Thank you!" Julie Jerome. Service: Groundwork